Welcome to our New Website - take a journey with us

Posted on Wed November 7, 2018.

A new chapter for George Lodge with a brand new website.

Welcome to our new website, what a journey it has been, Time Passes. Memories Fade. Feelings Change. People leave. But Hearts Never Forget……… Over the last 28 years many, many people have walked through the doors of the George Lodge, some on a weekly basis, others every two weeks and others maybe once a year.  These people become like your family, like a family get together that you look forward to, and like a family gathering where you catch up on their news and what they have been up to.  As George Lodge is a three generations family business it is very important to us to keep up to date with our guests.

We hope you enjoy our new website and would love to hear feedback from you and any suggestions if any.  As we embark on another December season with many challenges over the last year with petrol increases etc, we sure hope that we can still fulfill your dream of a December Holiday and welcome you at our establishment.

Reinette Marais