How COVID19 has influenced the George Lodge

Posted on Tue April 21, 2020.

Desperate Times, Calls for Desperate Measures..... So here is my story.

So for those who follow our page will know by now that the Lodge is a family-owned business and is now in its third generation and all three generations are actively involved in the business. My mom 74, myself Reinette Marais, my son Richard, his wife Nandi and my other son Michael and his girlfriend Chane.

The rest of our staff as you will see from my previous post are an amazing bunch of people and most of them have been with us for years. The photo below was with our 29th year in the business party on the 15th of December 2019. So even before the lockdown was announced my mom and I was already working from home, firstly for my mom's age and secondly, I had an auto-immune illness that affected my lungs in 2010, so it was therefor just safer for us. However, if it was not for the amazing team of people that work for us and still came to work every day, we would not have been able to do that.

When the lockdown finally happened and all the measures of help were announced, I thought, wow this is really great, but although there are various measurements/funds/UIF, etc that is out there, unfortunately, we had not heard back from any of them and I have therefore decided to make a plan myself.

At the end of last year I rediscovered my hobby of sewing and decided to make new scatter cushions for all the rooms at the lodge, little did I know that I would keep myself busy with sewing during the lockdown.

As the days went passed I absolutely wrecked my brain to think of ways how to generated income as you cannot sell a room without a guest, it is not like a product that you can sell and surely not an essential one either nor is it a performance where you can sell tickets for people to watch. Also, unfortunately, tourism and travel will be the absolute last to come out of lockdown for obvious reasons and rightly so, as safety is of utmost importance. From the many webinars that I have listened to over the last few days, tourism will also never be the same.

So with all of this in mind and with me spending time doing my hobby, I have decided to make masks to generate income to help my staff and to generate some income as we do not know what the future holds. Yes, I know there are thousands of people who are doing it now and there are even people who are doing it for free (and I absolutely applaud you for this), but I am definitely not just going to sit and do nothing about our situation. I strive to be a positive person and going to give this my all.

After a huge battle and with very wonderful people who assisted me I have obtained and essential trade license to do so. We will be launching the masks on Monday. We will be making for toddlers, children a little bit older than toddlers, ladies, and gents. We will also be able to courier it, but all the details will be revealed on our page and my own personal page on Monday when the masks will be launched.

If you have read this story till the end, I thank you and hope we can count on your support until we see you again.



For the ease of admin, ordering etc, the masks will be sold on or can be ordered on Whatsapp 079 351 9164

My Pretty Things is officially selling face masks!

Sizes and pricing:
* Mens (Adult) - R55
* Ladies (Adult) - R45
* Kiddies (Age 6 - 9) - R35
* Toddlers (Age 2 - 5) - R30

Some information about our masks:
* Our face masks consists of two layers of cotton fabric which is soft and gentle on the skin and they come in assorted colors/prints for men, women or kiddies
* At the top of the face mask, there is a slit where you can insert a filter in between the two layers of fabric (hand towels or dried hand wipes work well!)
* Our masks come with soft stretchy fabric ties which is soft and gentle on skin, instead of elastic which can hurt your ears and irritate your skin
* The ties can be tied at the back of your head or on the sides and hook over your ears to secure the mask in place
* Masks are soft and movable and you can adjust it to fit your face as comfortably as possible
* Masks are machine washable & reusable

Before using your mask:
* Thoroughly wash your mask before and after wearing it
* Wash your hands before putting on your mask
* As soon as the mask becomes damp or humid, switch to another mask and thoroughly wash the used mask

* These masks are not surgical grade or filtered and will not prevent you from contracting COVID-19
* The purpose of the masks is to prevent you from coughing or sneezing on others
* Reminds you not to touch your face

If you would like to order, please go to our website at or Whatsapp us on 079 351 9164

Free delivery or pick-up in George, courier costs will be charged for other areas depending on the distance.

Thank you for your support and for doing your part to flatten the curve.